Preliminary list of sessions and panels during the XIth Congress of the European Association for Jewish Studies (July 15-19, 2018, Krakow, Poland)

  1.  Ancient Jewish History and Archeology
  2.  Hebrew Bible
  3. Talmud, Midrash and Rabbinics
  4. Medieval and Early Modern Jewish History
  5. Medieval Jewish Philosophy
  6. Hebrew Manuscripts
  7. Modern Jewish History
  8. Contemporary Jewish History
  9. Jewish Mysticism
  10. Hasidism
  11. Jewish Thought and Philosophy
  12. Modern Hebrew Literature
  13. Yiddish Literature
  14. Linguistics
  15.  Jewish Culture and Arts
  16. Jewish History in Central-Eastern Europe
  17. Southeastern European Jewish History and Culture
  18. Polish-Jewish Heritage
  19. Holocaust Studies
  20. Libraries, Archives and New Technologies
  21. Modern Judaism
  22. Jewish Museology
  23. Karaite Studies
  24. Contemporary Jewish History and History of Israel
  Proposed panels:
  1. 1. Jewish Medicine
  2. 2. Ancient Palestinian Numismatics
  3. Jews and non-Jews in Local Government in the Habsburg Empire (XIX-XXc.)
 Congress programme may be extended by additional panels focused on topics of special interest. In order to organize such a track, interested coordinator should find at least five prospective participants and present the proposal to the Organizing Committee for formal approval. Selection of papers, coordination and supervising the panel during the Congress lies with the coordinator.