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Programme of the Congress


Please mind that there were changes in the programme. An updated erratum is published daily in the programme section (below).

The room 101N at the Pedagogical University is out of use. On July 17&18 all the sessions scheduled in this room will be moved to 310N; on July 19 all the sessions will be moved to 301N in the same building.
The final programme of the Congress is already available. You can easily search within the document using "ctrl+F". 
Please mind that there were 'last minute' changes in the programme due to last minute cancellations. Those changes will not be reflected in the printed programme which you will receive upon registration. 
The erratum to the programme will be printed and distributed during registration as well as published on the Congress website (and updated daily) - please see below.

The programme of the EAJS Emerge was updated as well. You will find the new version below.

We did our best to contact all the chairpersons proposed for the particular panels. If your name appears as the "chair" and you have not heard from us yet, we will be in touch shortly. 

Please notify us about any mistakes and problems you might find (

Power Point Presentations
The conference venues are equipped with beamers.
We kindly ask participants willing to use PPTX presentation to submit it a day before their panel in a slideroom located next to the registration point. Speakers scheduled for Monday morning - please submit your presentation during the registration on Sunday afternoon.
Lenght of the presentations
Please mind that the time for presentation is 20 minutes (+ 10 minutes of discussion). We kindly ask the participants to adjust to this timeframe.



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Programme of the 11th Congress of the EAJS (final)
Programme overview
EAJS Emerge book of abstract
Erratum (18.07.2018 evening)